Staff Information

Kindergarten Team:

Ms. Phannenhour and Ms. Nelson (KF1)

Ms. Van Amerom and Ms. Kimberley (KF2)

Ms. Porto and Ms. Zane (KF3)

Ms. Feener and Ms. Tayag (KF4)

Ms. Shirley and Ms. Gallego (Ms. Demelo) (KF5)

Primary Team

Ms. Caldwell (1-1) Mr. Pinto Baxter (2-1)

Ms. Scodeller (1-2) Ms. Grinvalds (2-2)

Ms. Day (1-3) Ms. Kelly (3-1)

Ms. Pauley (1/2-1) Ms. Sullivan (3-2)

Ms. Darling (3/4-1)

Junior Team

Ms. Denomey (4-1) Mr. Mckernan (6-1)

Ms. Kemppi (5-1) Mr. Harrison (6-2)

Mr. Beddow (5-2) Ms. Neal (6-3)

Ms. Hannam (4-2V) Ms. Toal (Ms. Kaufman) (6-4V)

Intermediate Team

Mr. Flindall (7-1) Ms. Shupe-Joudrie (8-1)

Mr. Ibrahim (7-2) Mr. Bernard (8-2)

Ms. Willis (8-3)

Specialized Teachers

Ms. Isaac (French) Ms. Stark (French)

Ms. Clarke (French) Mr. Otten (Phys. Ed)

Ms. Nagle (Primary) Ms. Mary Ann Robinson (ESL)

Ms. Cardamone (SERT) Ms. Muir (SERT)

Ms. Tough (SERT) Ms. Marcelle Robinson(Library)

Educational Assistants Team:

Ms. DiBon, Ms. Parrish, Ms. Sleet, Ms. Cooper-Maimot, Ms. Neil, Ms. Chaplow, Ms. Smith, Ms. MacLean,

Custodial Team:

Mr. Ferreira, Ms. Espinola and Ms. Felegyhazi

Office Team:

Ms. Trixie Vasilakos - Principal

Ms. Ann Wilson - Vice Principal

Ms. Shantz - Senior Secretary

Ms. Jones - General Secretary