Welcome to River Oaks Public School

Dear River Oaks Families,

We would like to welcome students and parents to another new year of learning  at River Oaks Public School.  We share your enthusiasm and excitement as this new school year begins and look forward to celebrating the learning of our students with you.  We continue to be committed to students and their well-being, and building a culture and climate of acceptance and inclusivity.   Your children are at the forefront of all we do here at River Oaks.  

At River Oaks we recognize that it takes a community to create the optimal learning environment for your children. The full cooperation of parents, teachers, and other individuals is required for students to experience success.  When the school, home and community work together our students will be able to reach their full potential. The best way to ensure this cooperation is through regular open communication.  We invite you to get involved in School Council as well, a wonderful way to stay connected and to engage in events throughout the school.  

River Oaks has maintained this vision over the years:

We look forward to continuing to build on our existing traditions as well as exploring whatever new ideas will enrich our students’ growth academically, emotionally and socially. Your support is critical to your child’s success and we encourage you to stay connected with us and invite you to get involved in school life at River Oaks.

Let's make this year FABULOUS!

Alison Miler           Principal

Ann Wilson                Vice Principal